Sunday, August 31, 2008

Do not adjust your screens....

Yes I am posting!

Things are beginning to settle down in the Moreno house.

well as settled as they can be doing the 'single mom' thing with five kids!

The whole herd started school last week. While it's nice to have a quiet house and be able to get work done during the day instead of burning the midnight oil... on the other hand the evil alarm clock is back in charge of my wake up time and it seems like there is no time with the kids to just hang out anymore!

Here is a shot of them on their first day of a NEW school!

So far so good this living in a small town stuff! Actually I am loving it!
Morgan who just did not want to play football when we got here. (he has never played organized before). I kept telling him that in a small town in Texas he may really want to play, that all his friends would be playing and he should at least give it a shot... if he didn't like it he didn't have to play but to at least give it a shot! no, no, no... is all he said.


His first day of school in his first class of Athletics he was down in front of the elementary school (where they have practice), I notice the coach with his arm around Morgan, patting his back, talking to him.
Well I walk over there and I hear:

"well son, you should really play football"
"football is what you need son, if you are an athlete we could really use you out on the field"
"these are the boys you want to hang out with, so you wanna play football?"

and lo and behold...
Morgan is playing football.
and loving it!!!

Pretty soon the other 2 boys want to play too, this should end up being a busy season for momma!
And as nervous I am about having my babies knocked around by others I'm excited that they are excited about playing.

We go to the first small town football game... and only 9th and JV to boot.
The entire parking lot is full of trucks, parking out on the street even.
As soon as we show up a small group of girls call Madison over so off she goes around the stands with them.
Mitchell takes off to play a game of pick up football at the end of the field.
Morgan is up with his teammates before they call them all down to announce all the coaches and teams.
I stayed up in the stands and talked with other parents while the twins hung out with me.

Everyone was in black and red.
The whole town was decorated in black and red.
Such school spirit... I think living here is going to be a lot of fun!

Now that the kids are back in school, I am really hoping to be able to do this blog thing better!
Go me! :)


Patti said...

Congrats on the move Kim! Glad to hear that things are going well.:)

We too are moving next month.. and although I'm not enjoying all the work that comes with it.... I'm sure we will all be much happier there in Alberta!!

linda said...

I LOVE that picture!! Can't wait until you scrap that on. They are so freakin cute!

Karan said...

Gosh Kim, its so nice to see you posting again...i miss reaeding updates!! Keep it up, i will be by again!